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Friday 19 July 2024
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Datas and informations related to business subjects included free of charge in the site by the site-manager can be eliminated or corrected, if not exact, on simple request to be sent by all means to the site-manager (e-mail: clienti@assisionline.com ).

Each business subject present on the site in virtue of a contract with the site-manager assumes the quality of exclusive advertising operator relatively to each advertising message propagated by means of the present site.

The site-manager is not responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and up-to-date-being of the informations and the datas relative to the business subjects present on the site. Particularly, the site-manager does not assume any responsability of:

The site-manager in no ways assumes the function of agent, commissionary or mandatory of the business subjects present on the site, nor of intermediate between the latter and those interested in contractual relations with them. No commission or any other tribute is due to the site-manager by any of the parts who establish contractual relations related to any exercise of activity or sale of any goods advertised on the present site.

All communication intended to be sent by any interested person to any of the business subjects present on the site have to be sent directly to those.

Eventual communications or requests addressed to any of the business subjects, but sent to the site-manager, will not be passed on.